Class Descriptions

Lunch express Yoga then Lunch.

Power Pilates A Pilates focused class that brings attention to the core, fused with yoga movement.

The Mamas A Class designed for Prenatal and Postpartum mothers with their babies, this class draws focus on Pelvic Floor and overall movement and relaxation while having you babies/Children with you either in our purpose built are or on a Mat!

Yoga (1 hour) and Yoga sculpt (45min)This class is your Yoga plus, using light weights we aim to get you warm and increase overall strength.

Kids Yoga 30min A class for the Tamariki, this class runs during term time and is capped at 8 children per term.Tamariki will learn the Basic Components of Yoga and have heaps of Fun doing it!

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our top 5 tips for anyone who has never tried yoga before

First Time trying Yoga?

Here's Yoga Warriors Top Five Tips for anyone who has never tried Yoga before 

1. H Y D R A T E 

Drink plenty of water before you head to class, take your drink bottle with you.There is nothing worse than dying of thirst during class then having to leave for a drink of water half way through.

2.T U R N U P

Arrive to class early, meet your teacher, speak about anything your anxious or nervous about they should be re-assuring you everything will be fine.Use this time to find a Mat Space, for first timers usually the back of the class seems to be the most favourable place! Let me assure you we all start at the back and there's nothing wrong with that.

3.O P E N M I N D 

Have a open mind, If you've been too other studios before or been taught by other teachers remember no two practices or people are the same.Be open to everything that is about to occur.

4.B E Y O U 

Pace yourself, Challenge yourself find your warrior, Breathe when things get hard, Be Present if anything.Do not begin to judge yourself (Eliminate that mindset immediately).
Take your adaptions where you can, Do not be too shy to ask for help or an adaption when needed.Be you.

5.R E L A X & R E F L E C T 

Now it's Savasana and it's the best part of class, take your time here, enjoy the break.
Relax and Reflect,Acknowledge your effort for getting to the Mat for the first time and hopefully many more times as you evolve.








We Became Yoga Warriors
— Letesha Hallett-Founder
Yoga gives time





 Yoga Warriors Studio

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